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RNG (Random Number Generator)

If you are playing on a slot machine you need to understand that it functions on the rule of the RNG i.e. random number generator. There’s a computer chip in the machine that “randomly” picks numbers. There is no mathematics in which number it shall pick next so all your calculations are a pure waste if you are trying to judge the next combination.

Despite this fact there a number of myths surrounding slot machines and its cycle of numbers. You may come across many frauds who try to siphon off your money by selling a “fool-proof’ system. Save yourself the trouble and rather spend this money on gambling.

How it works

Similar to a home PC a slot machine also runs on a microprocessor whose program is called RNG. This RNG functions in such a way that it comes with varied combinations of numbers and symbols that are displayed in the reel.

The RNG constantly keeps choosing numbers and symbols and is in constant motion as long albeit the power supply of the machine is on. The range of the RNG is 1 to 4 billion that is converted to specific numbers and symbols. The final outcome of every spin is the combination of symbols and numbers displayed on the reel by the RNG. The combination is displayed when you deposit a coin in the machine or hit the lever.

The RNG functions on a mathematical algorithm that is quite complex and sophisticated and beyond the reach of ordinary players. However as a precautionary method to see that players are given a fair chance to win various laboratories and the CCB i.e. casino central board conducts regular tests on the machine too.

Reading all the above we are sure you are not any nearer to understanding how RNG functions. We have tried to explain it as succinctly as possible for you below. Mind you this isn’t the way RNG functions but basically the function on which RNG functions.

Slot machines with reels have various blanks and symbols on them that are referred to as physical stops. The olden day’s slot machines were known to have 20 symbols but now-a-days they have 22 symbols. The latest technology in micro processing lets the slot machine accommodate more “virtual stops”.

Say a machine has 10 stops on its reel which means it can have 1,000 combinations possible (multiply the numbers on each reel to get the final possible combinations). A full combination of these 1000 combinations is referred to as the machine’s full cycle. So when players start considering a winning and losing cycle it is pure hogwash.

Hence the probability of a 3 number combination being chosen is as low as 1 in 1000 i.e. in every 1000 spins your combination would show theoretically. However, this is not really the case but just a supposition. Say you flip a coin 10 times you may see tails 5 times and heads 5 times but at the same time you may see heads all 10 times in reality too.