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Encouragement system

People visiting online casinos are often found enquiring about how to earn more comps. Obviously when you do the needful and deposit your money in any online casino you are on the lookout for some loads of free stuff. But to earn more free comps it would be better if you understand why casinos give away comps and how to maximize the comps you earn.

Understanding casino comp points

Comp is actually just a short form for “complimentary” i.e. with compliments from the casino. These are given by casinos to its regular players as an ode of thanks for choosing their casino to play. The following are some comps casinos generally give:

  1. Room upgrade
  2. Free chips for gambling
  3. Complimentary meals
  4. Souvenirs
  5. Show tickets
  6. Drinks on the house

Comps can be varied from one player to another and is dependant on the casino, its top boss and of course your luck. Comps can be immensely extravagant too but such deals are generally rare. Frequent players tend to get them more, but even you can get them provided you know the tricks to procure them.

Understanding the marketing

The bottom line for offering comps is simple “come back to my casino and spend more and more money”. All casinos give comps only for this reason and nothing else. When you demand any comps from a casino make sure you imply that you intend coming back. If under any circumstances the casino feels that you do not intend coming back they would never give you any comps.

Secondly don’t be under the illusion that only high rollers get comps. That is very far from the truth. The average player ends up getting nearly 85% of all the comps so don’t stop trying.

Great news is that you can receive loads of comps without even gambling. Just register on the site and stay on their mailing list. You would continue to keep getting loads of coupons, mailers, tickets vouchers etc for just being a loyal member.

Casinos are very particular about keeping its customers happy and to avoid any friction between their establishment and the player they would readily offer comps.

Understanding a comp card

In order to understand the spending culture of its players the casino offers comp cards that tracks the amount you spent in the casino. Ensure that you enter your comp card details when you log in so that the casino can track your game and your spent amount.

If you do the mistake of not using your card then all your game progress goes unaccounted for. Spending lots of time at a table makes the casino record your presence. If you stay there for a mere 10-15 minutes thee would be no accounting for your play.