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Description of casino games

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All casino games can be divided into two basic categories: table games and electronic machines. The first category includes such best gambling games as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat; the second subdivision consists of Slots and Video poker. All games are interesting enough and have their peculiarities. If you just would like to start playing casino games, I recommend you to read this article first and try them in online casino, which has a lot of advantages.


It is perhaps one of the casino games that can be beaten by applying basic blackjack strategy that is based on card counting which uses different techniques: Hi-lo, KO Count, Hi-Opt I Count, Hi-Opt II Count and others. There are also a lot of betting systems such as: Paroli, Parlay, Martingale, Labouchere etc. The success of this game depends on strategies and practice.


There are two roulettes American and European. The last one is more preferable, because of the lower house advantage and only one zero, what increase your winning chances. Both types have rather no strategy but some techniques. Rules are very simple, but the outcome depends on the betting type. Outside bets are more trusted than the inside, because they have more winning probabilities.


Generally this game requires detailed learning of all possible rolls. The result depends on the bets, which are numerous in this game. Generally gaming process is divided into two parts, one part determines the Point number and is called Come out Roll, second one appoints all next rolls.


Is a card game which doesn't require some skills. All what you have to do is to stake on some of 3 fields Punto, Banco or Tie and count your card values. Besides, never bet on Tie, because it almost never wins, Punto has 5 % commission; in case of Banco winning your payoff will be counted as 19 to 20.


The easiest casino game that requires simple steps: insert coins and spin the lever. There are many types of slots, the process of the game is absolutely equal, however the gaming options are different. The more winning chances you would like to have, the more coins should be inserted.

Video Poker

There are many types of video poker: Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wilds, Joker Wild, All American and others. The most popular is Jacks or Better which is based on the card game Poker. Machine shows five cards on the screen, you have right to choose which cards to stay and which to change.