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Blackjack is one of the most common online card games to be found on the internet. Such is its popularity, online blackjack can be found in poker sites, online casinos and bingo sites in almost any language, currency and country.

Blackjack game online casino

Blackjack rules

The objective is to collect cards to the total sum of 21 or as near as a player can possibly get, without going bust or folding; which are casino jargon for going over the magic number of twenty one. All of the numbered cards count for their numeric value, with jacks, queens and kings all representing the number 10, bringing the total amount of cards that signify this number to sixteen of the fifty two cards (jacks, queens, kings and 10's). The Ace card is a somewhat wild card if you will, in blackjack. The Ace can be used to represent values of either one or eleven. For instance, a queen and an ace will be considered blackjack as it equates to ten plus eleven. Also two queens and an ace would also qualify as winning hands, as two queens equates to twenty, and the ace is used a one. Only if someone has blackjack directly, a ten, jack, queen or king and an ace, in two cards is any combination of twenty one, never enough to win.

Generally, each player, including the dealer, is given two cards, one face up for all to see, and the other face down which only each individual player to see. From this, one can make a rough guess as to how the other players are doing as the games goes on. Each player can twist (ask for another card) if they have not gone bust, and keep accumulating cards until they either do so, or are satisfied with their hand (known as sticking or holding). The objective of the game as mentioned is to get as close to twenty one, as a player possibly can without going bust. Should the dealer or any other player have a higher number than you, or indeed blackjack itself, then you will lose your bet. Blackjack is rapidly played game, with hands taking a mere minute or so, before coming to a conclusion.

Online blackjack game variants

There are many variants of the original blackjack game, with the most common being standard blackjack, or as it is called in some countries, twenty one. Of the variants, European blackjack for instance, features two decks, whilst Atlantic City blackjack has eight decks. Multi-hand blackjack by Microgaming casinos (Red Flush Casino, Go Wild Casino, Jackpot City Casino etc.) features five decks, and Vegas Strip blackjack has only four. Double Exposure blackjack is different in that both of the starting cards are shown face up, whilst Blackjack Switch in Playtech online casinos (Betfair Casino, William Hill Casino, Casino Tropez etc.) has the dealer peeking for blackjack, and should the dealer have blackjack, all other players will automatically lose. Unless of course, they have blackjack themselves. In most variants of the game, the dealer will often stand at 17, in essence, seldom ever allowing himself to go bust.

More about online blackjack games

In most online casinos, the house has an edge of between 0.17% to 0.69% over the player, though this hardly as relevant as it sounds, as all online casino decks are randomly shuffled with advance casino software to ensure against unfair play; and rigorously tested and examined by independent auditors to make sure, you have just as much chance as you may have in a land-based casino, if not more so.

Most online casinos choose to have highly realistic representations of blackjack in their games collections, with stunningly rendered graphics, and sound effects to enhance the feeling of playing in a real land-based casino. To their credit, most online blackjack game developers have done so remarkably accurately, making the experience of playing online blackjack a thoroughly enjoyable and exhilarating one. A lot of online casinos now offer free play blackjack too, along with blackjack strategies, hints and tips, meaning you can practice the game, with no deposit required, for free, before you go into the online casinos and poker sites to play for real money.